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Click-1 Video. Part of the Solutions Pro, Inc [Network]. Bringing video into custom solutions for multimedia, web, stand alone applications. To include training, promotional, music, and personal uses. Creating video solutions to compliment your web designs and applications.
Click-1 Video has got you covered.

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Editing & Production. Using some of today's top editing applications. Couple these, along with today's 3D modeling solutions and the world of fantasy comes to life. Superimposing, morphing, layering of graphics then mixing transitions. With filters for special effects, you have the capabilities to produce stunning results, which are
candy for anyone's eyes!

Targa Truevision capturing hardware, we can guarantee the quality of your original edited version, will be as close to your original as possible! This is full screen video capture, editing and playback. We offer some of the best!

Services include: photos to video, photos morphed, 3D graphic modeling, morphing, and animation, VRML, presentations, computerized editing, seminar, meetings, sales, tributes, performances, corporate productions, CD-ROM production, sound film transfer to video, Web Designs and more.....

 Editing & Capturing

Graphics, 3D, Morphing And Animations!

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Promote your product by infomercials, commercials, videos packaged with your products to help promote other products you sell or train buyers how to better use your product.

Training videos to incorporate those nagging downtime process problems and how to avoid them. Process problem solving, capturing the problem on camera then provide solutions. Interactive Training CD's with your actual company and problems being incorporated together for testing purposes.

Music videos using effects, superimposing of 3D graphics, blue or green screening. All kinds of multiple effects, transitions and filters. Indianapolis residents can take full advantage of our blue screening & effects in house.

Animations 3D or 2D, morphing of animated models, custom web graphics


Capture & Editing

Special Effects, blue and green screening

Click-1 Video
Solutions Pro, Inc. together with Click-1 can provide solutions for all your multimedia needs. Couple together  your video with custom web solutions for a complete internet and intranet web design built to get results, a sure fire winner.


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